EC Contract No. 033841
1. December 2009

Final Review Meeting

The Final Review Meeting of the EMIL Project will take place in Brussels on December the 7th 2009.
All the results will be presented to the EC and the Deliverables will be made available to the public through the Website.

31. August 2009

EMIL @ European Agent Systems Summer School: tutorial "Norms in Multi-Agent Systems"

The EMIL Project will be present at the
Eight International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 31 Aug – 4 Sept with the Tutorial
T15 – Norms in Multi-Agent Systems
Giulia Andrighetto, Federico Cecconi, Marco Campenni

Find more information @: EASSS09

17. June 2009

EMIL Project Meeting

Meeting M5.2 on EMIL Result Assesment will be held in Rome on June 17-18th

27. January 2009

Project Meeting 6.12 & 6.13

The EMIL Consortium will meet in Koblenz on January 28-30 ’09 for the Advancement Meeting. The Agenda will also include:

• Wiki developed and updated
• A publisher or publishers approached for each book planned Wednesday, 28 January 2009
• Software Demonstrations and Hands-On Practice with EMIL-S, MASS and MEME
• Progress Reports from Work Packages
• Further Plans until the End of the Project

30. November 2008

EMIL on eStrategies Project

EMIL will be presented on the “eStrategies Project “ Magazine.

28. October 2008

EMIL Project @ Science Festival - Genova - Italy

Science Festival 2008 – DIVERSITY
Genoa, 23 October – 4 November

“A point of reference for the dissemination of science.
A chance for researchers, science-lovers, schools and families to meet.
One of the biggest science dissemination events in the world.”

EMIL will present some Posters and (work in progress for) Simulations during the festival!

To have further details visit

1. September 2008

EMIL Workshop '08

A Parallel Session on Norms was held during the Fifth ESSA conference in Brescia, IT,
September 1-5, 2008:

  • Daniel Villatoro and Jordi Sabater Mir “Mechanisms for Social Norms Support in Virtual Societies”
  • Ulf Lotzmann, Michael Moehring and Klaus G Troitzsch “Simulating Norm Formation in a Traffic Scenario”
  • Klaus G Troitzsch “Simulating Collaborative Writing: Software Agents Produce a Wikipedia”
  • Open discussion on “Immergence and Emergence of Norms (EMIL- EU Research Project)”

For further details visit:

24. June 2008


On June 2008 in Budapest, under the supervision of AITIA, the Advancement Meeting 6.9 took place.

In the Agenda there was also the presentation of the alpha version of the new Deliverables, now available on the Website:

D2.2 – UNIS: Report of norm innovation main features
D3.2 – UNI KO-LD: Report of simulator and agent design
D3.3 – UNI KO-LD: EMIL-S: the Simulation Platform
D4.1 – AITIA: Document concerning experiments design

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