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References on Norms

References on theoretic literature on norms

Deontic Logic
  • Horty, J., F. 2001. Agency and Deontic Logic. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • Jones, A. J. I. & Sergot, M. J. 1993. On the Characterisation of Law and Computer Systems: The Normative Systems Perspective. In Meyer & Wieringa (eds) Deontic Logic in Computer Science: Normative Systems Specification. John Wiley & Sons.
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  • Wright, G. H. von. 1963. Norm and Action. A Logical Inquiry. Routledge and Kegan Paul, London.

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Agent communication and social concepts

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Vo. 14 Number 2, April 2007, contains a number of articles on:

  • Agent communication and social concepts, by Frank Dignum and Rogier M. van Eyck, pp. 119-120 (just the introduction to this special issue)
  • Agent communication and artificial institutions, by Nicoletta Fornara, Francesco Viganò and Marco Colombetti, pp. 121-142 (discussing agent communication languages, commitments, artificial institutions and norms, providing some very basic ontologies of agents and commitments, doubtless interesting for WP 3!)
  • An algebra for commitment protocols, by Ashok U. Mallya and Munindar P. Singh, pp. 143-163 (a highly formalised paper, also interesting for WP 3)
  • Conversational semantics sustained by commitments, by Roberto A. Flores, Philippe Pasquier and Brahim Chaib-draa, pp. 165-186 (also highly formalised, mainly on communication protocols)
  • Modeling converssation policies using permissions and obligations, by Lalana Kagal and Tim Finin, pp. 187-206 (about speech act ontology and ontology languages)

Norm Simulation

Article (Opp2002)
Opp, K.
When Do Norms Emerge by Human Design and When by the Unintended Consequences of Human Action?: The Example of the No-smoking Norm
Rationality and Society, 2002, 14, 131-158

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Open Source

(2002). Free/Libre and Open Source Software: Survey and Study
FLOSS FINAL REPORT International Institute of Infonomics, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands; Berlecon Research GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
Aigrain, P. (2003). The Individual and the Collective in Open Information Communities. the 16th BLED Electronic Commerce Conference . Slovenija.
Barcellini, F., F. Détienne, et al. (2005). Thematic coherence and quotation practices in Open Source Software design-oriented online discussions, INRIA, “Cognition and Cooperation in Design” team : 10.
Barnes, J. (July, 2003). Open Source Software as an organisational Technology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand: 19.

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Literature Overview

Attached is a map of the literature as I see it. It is designed to help me keep the big picture in mind but may be of interest to others also. Please feel free to modify or add to this. It is presented as a PDF which I will update regularly and also (for those who want to add or change) in the original Freemind format.

Interesting books and articles

Please contribute others:

Göran Therborn
Back to Norms! On the Scope and Dynamics of Norms and Normative

Current Sociology, November 2002, Vol. 50(6): 863–880 SAGE Publications
(London, Thousand Oaks, CA and New Delhi)


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