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Agent communication and social concepts

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Vo. 14 Number 2, April 2007, contains a number of articles on:

  • Agent communication and social concepts, by Frank Dignum and Rogier M. van Eyck, pp. 119-120 (just the introduction to this special issue)
  • Agent communication and artificial institutions, by Nicoletta Fornara, Francesco Viganò and Marco Colombetti, pp. 121-142 (discussing agent communication languages, commitments, artificial institutions and norms, providing some very basic ontologies of agents and commitments, doubtless interesting for WP 3!)
  • An algebra for commitment protocols, by Ashok U. Mallya and Munindar P. Singh, pp. 143-163 (a highly formalised paper, also interesting for WP 3)
  • Conversational semantics sustained by commitments, by Roberto A. Flores, Philippe Pasquier and Brahim Chaib-draa, pp. 165-186 (also highly formalised, mainly on communication protocols)
  • Modeling converssation policies using permissions and obligations, by Lalana Kagal and Tim Finin, pp. 187-206 (about speech act ontology and ontology languages)


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